About Norton Luxury Homes

Norton Development Company, it’s affiliate companies, subsidiaries and/or investment partners referred here simply as “Norton Development” specialize in land development, luxury home building, remodeling and other related real estate investments.

With over 30 years combined experience acquiring, developing, building, renovating and selling residential real estate, Norton Development has established itself as an industry leader. Targeting the growing wave of baby boomers, Norton Development designs each home with a focus on quality and functionality with a special emphasis on capturing the Southern Utah mountain views, making each home unique as well as move-in ready.

Bob Norton

In 2007, Bob Norton fell in love with the west. Arriving in St. George, Utah to run a marathon with his wife, Bob was impressed with the natural beauty and striking red rocks of Southern Utah. With experience building and renovating homes in Southeast Michigan since 2003, Bob decided to start Norton Development Company and Norton Luxury Homes with the purpose of building luxury “spec” homes or a homes without a specific buyer in Southern Utah.

Now in 2016, with dozens of spec homes completed and sold, Bob’s passion has moved further south to the luxury market of Paradise Valley and Scottsdale in the Metro Phoenix area.

Assembling a group of exceptional team members including designs, engineers and architects, Norton Luxury Homes has and is developing a niche of reaching the wants and desires of luxury home owners.